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Serving God Through Music

by Hal Parker

It’s a process. It begins with Ed’s planned scripture and sermon and my intention to make the hymns enhance the worship service. Sometimes the pieces of this process all fall together rather quickly, other times it takes several hours for it all to come together! Ed’s Quarterly Worship Plan is so helpful! Given this, I […]

Tending to Our Church Home

by Nancy Hill

As everyone who owns a home is aware, upkeep is never-ending, and thanks to our alert and hard-working Building Committee (Judy Dunnan, Chair, Mike Coffey, Andy Dales and Ken Johnston) our church building, Fellowship Hall and parsonage are being well cared-for in spite of the fact that Covid kept most of us away from our […]

Bronwyn Masse: A Tribute

by Eleanor Guare

Bronwyn has retired from her role as church secretary, and we pay tribute to her for more than her administrative skills, which were many: managing the office, publishing the worship bulletin and newsletter, keeping up with the comings and goings of the committees and of course, supporting the pastor! We thank her for her dedicated […]

Conversation with Elizabeth Rossano: “2020 was the best year of my life – I found faith in humanity.”

by Eleanor Guare

Renowned for her Monday morning “community donuts” handed out to grateful passers-by in Hardwick, Elizabeth Rossano has extended her heart and hands to us. A recent article in the Hardwick Gazette https://hardwickgazette.com/?s=Elizabeth+Rossano tells of her heartwarming story. Recently, she and her husband Griffin made over 120 donuts in our church kitchen and those warm (crusty […]

A Year in Review

by Eleanor Guare

The Greensboro United Church of Christ is bursting with song. The music of the East Coast Inspirational Singers brings folks to their feet and up to the altar, swinging and clapping to Oh Happy Day. Perhaps this jolt of inspiration was meant to help us through the remaining days of 2020. Many of these days […]

A Note from Our Pastor March 2021

by Ed Sunday-Winters

Did you ever think that going to a church supper would mean driving by the church and having someone hand you a quiche to be eaten at home? When did you first imagine that you could experience the sights and sounds of worship at Greensboro United Church of Christ while viewing your computer? Would you […]

Our Open and Affirming Covenant

by Ed Sunday-Winters

In 2015, the members of Greensboro United Church of Christ entered an Open and Affirming Covenant. They did so two years before I came to serve as their pastor. That they had done it was one of the reasons that made me want to be their pastor.  After much prayer, discussion, and believing that the […]

Food Distribution Volunteers Needed

by Ed Sunday-Winters

This request comes from Jenna O’Donnell at Hunger Free Vermont: As many of you know, the Farmers to Families food distributions are shifting to a new format, starting next Monday (July 6th). And they need our help! There will be distributions happening in 20-25 different locations across the state for the months of July and […]

The Steeple and the People

by Eleanor Guare

“Here is the church and here is the steeple. Open the doors and see all the people.” Many of you know this finger rhyme. When I was little, this lighthearted pastime was typically enjoyed upon my father’s lap, probably to get me to giggle until he ended the rhyme with “Close the doors until they […]

The Little Food Shelf that Could

by Eleanor Guare

There are many good deeds a church community can do throughout the year. In a normal year, church events and community deeds are the subject for discussion and deliberation by various church committees. There are details. These things take time… Things are different now. Unemployment, fear, and hunger are stark realities in our community. What […]