The Scholarship committee is a subcommittee of the Pleasants’ Fund Committee. It is composed of three people and meets each spring to award scholarships to those who have applied. The committee also reviews and renews the scholarships of past recipients who will be continuing their college career.

Purposes of the Scholarship Grants are:

  1. to provide financial support to high school graduates who desire to continue their educational experiences by enrolling in a post-secondary experience and
  2. to provide financial support to others who desire to seek a post-secondary or graduate education

Application Process

  • Application forms are provided to the Guidance Departments at Hazen Union School and Craftsbury Academy in the spring of each year. Applications are due to the Scholarship Committee by May 25.
  • Other high school seniors, who are part of the United Church of Christ Greensboro community, are encouraged to apply by contacting the Committee or the Church Office. Applications are due by May 25.
  • People who desire to make application for financial support for post-secondary educational experiences are encouraged to apply by contacting the Committee or the Church Office. Applications are due on May 25 or one month prior to beginning a program.

Review Process

  • The applicant must be a senior who will be graduating, or a person who has already graduated from high school and desires to seek a post-secondary education.
  • The Scholarship Committee will review each application. Priority for awarding grants are as follows:
  • Applicants that attend or are a member of a family who attends the Greensboro United Church of Christ
  • Residents of the communities served by Hazen Union or Craftsbury Academy
  • Scholarship amounts will be based upon the funding available and the financial needs identified in the application. Awards typically range between $400 and $800, but vary from year to year.
  • Payment of scholarship amounts will be made only after the Chair of the Scholarship Committee receives verification of second semester enrollment (a copy of the second semester bill, or a letter of enrollment from registrar’s office). Payments will be made after the first of the year. All payment requests must be received by Feb. 15. The scholarship becomes void after that date.
  • The scholarship may be renewed for additional years following the receipt of a brief report along with a renewal application. Application forms will be sent out in April to all people who received a previous scholarship. They must be returned by May 25. The Committee will review the applications and notify the recipients by the middle of July.