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Just for Fun!

by Rosann Hickey Click here for a word search! Tip: Use your cursor to highlight the words listed, and reveal the name of a person featured in this newsletter! Remember, you can highlight letters up, down, and across. You’re not finished until you see the banner: Puzzle Completed!

Animal Companions: Mokey and Donald

If you’ve ever been on a Zoom call with Janet Long, you’re likely to see Donald stealing the show. Although he and his brother Mokey were born on the same day, Donald seems to think he’s the alpha cat. He was given his name because he is orange and bad! It’s hard to imagine when […]

Letter from the Pastor

by Ed Sunday-Winters

Generous is a word that comes quickly to my mind when I think about our church. In these nearly five years we have been together, I have watched time again your willingness to help those near and far. Today, I am thinking about your eagerness to assist the Ukrainian people as they experience the devastation […]

Meet Jess!

by Eleanor Guare

We welcome our new office manager, Jess Huyghebaert (pronounced Hew-gah-bart), shown here with her lovable Chara, named after a constellation of the ploughman’s hound. Chara is a farm dog who loves to chase crows out of the corn! Jess is a Vermonter with a passion for farming. She grew up in Royalton and attended Bethany […]

Hal Gray: News Junkie

by Eleanor Guare

Throughout history, communities have relied on news carriers who ran from town to town carrying verbal announcements. Villagers relied on the appearance of such “town criers” to provide warnings and updates. Today, we get our news by browsing through hundreds of online sources or media stations. As print newspapers decline in popularity, we nevertheless remain […]


by Eleanor Guare

Our Advent Devotional inspired us with the message “Less is More” and encouraged us to Read, Meditate, and Pray. And as the new year arrived, the church deacons selected an assortment of thought-provoking books and discussions to get us started.   There’s time to start reading the third in the series, Unsettling Truths: The Ongoing, Dehumanizing […]

Music Corner: Musician Search

by Hal Parker

To begin, let me give a big thank you to Keilah Figueroa who graciously offered her musical gift of voice on Easter Sunday. Her renditions of “Christ is Risen! Shout Hosana!” and “Panis Angelicus” were both stunning in their different interpretations and supported our mission of “Serving God Through Music”. I am grateful to Keilah […]

Greensboro Generates Great Griddlecakes

by Hal Gray

Ten church ladies helped the Greater Greensboro community celebrate Shrove Tuesday (March 1) with the Greensboro United Church of Christ (GUCC) annual pancake supper. Organized by Deacon Chair Shelly Jungwirth, under the watchful eye of Moderator Judy Dales, GUCC provided 100 free flapjack dinners via grab ‘n’ go distribution as people drove through the church […]

Where’s Jason?

by Eleanor Guare

Our multi-talented former office manager has accepted a job working for the City of Pittsfield, MA. Here’s how he described the work: “It’s a new position. I work for the mayor’s office in the City of Pittsfield as the administrative coordinator for the ARPA program. ARPA is the American Relief Plan Act, a massive injection […]

Hot S’mores on a Cold Day

by Hal Gray

What to do after so much Covid-related isolation?  Greensboro village pastor Ed Sunday-Winters and church moderator Judy Dales knew an answer was some community fellowship. So, Saturday afternoon February 13, thirty people gathered in a brisk and chilly wind around a campfire outside the Greensboro United Church of Christ to cook and eat s’mores (freshly […]