Before there was a church in Greensboro, Vermont, there were people living here who recognized the need for one. “On Saturday, November 24, 1804, twenty-one people. . .gathered in the store of Messrs. Hale and Strong to organize a Christian Church.” 1 The next day, they gathered for worship. Today, when we gather to worship God and serve our community, we are the beneficiaries of the gift of two men who long ago shared the warmth of their store for the good of their community. The Greensboro United Church of Christ Hale and Strong Society honors the example of that first gift to our church.

What is the Greensboro United Church of Christ Hale and Strong Society?

The Hale and Strong Society was established to provide a means for friends and members of GUCC to assure the future vitality of the church through financial or other tangible commitments.

Inclusion in the Hale and Strong Society is open to anyone who informs the church that they have made a gift, a bequest within their will/estate, or other tangible (deferred) gift to the GUCC Endowment. Specific amounts do not need to be to be disclosed.

How do I become a Hale and Strong Society member?

There are several ways to contribute and participate in the Hale and Strong Society. The best gifts are tailor-made to fit each donor’s needs and giving intent, and will help you realize your giving legacy.

Appreciated securities – Transfers of stock and mutual funds, which are made directly from your brokerage account to Greensboro United Church of Christ.

Beneficiary designations – A significant deferred gift that is made by designating Greensboro United Church of Christ as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement plan

Bequest – A gift of a fixed amount, an item (such as property), or a percentage of your estate

Personal property – Items such as automobiles, art collections, antiques, coin collections, stamp collections, jewelry, and other items may also be given in lieu of financial contributions.

Life income plans – Charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts may be set up to benefit Greensboro United Church of Christ, and donors will receive charitable deductions when the gift is made as well as income from the trust throughout their lifetime.

What can Hale and Strong Society gifts do?

Your generosity in making a planned gift can:

  • Strengthen the church’s financial future;
  • Support a ministry especially important to you;
  • Honor your family, a loved one or friend; or
  • Promote and Grow the church’s ministry to the community and generally enable it to carry out its mission.

How are Hale and Strong Society gifts used?

At Greensboro United Church of Christ, unless otherwise specified by the donor, planned gifts are deposited into the church’s the Endowment Fund. The church’s Investment Committee is charged with the responsibility to safeguard and promote the growth of the Endowment Fund and to encourage church members to consider supporting the Fund through special gifts or by remembering the Church in their estate plans.  The Committee is charged with preserving the principal of the fund and maximizing the income that is earned each year.  Funds are used to support the Church’s mission, in accord with the designated intent of each donor for designated ministries, the maintenance and improvements of our building and congregational life, or to provide seed money toward special projects or new ministries. 

What is the next step?

If you would like to consider making a planned gift, first talk it over with your family so they understand your wishes. Then speak to a member of the Investment Committee or the pastor who can discuss this further with you. We encourage you to then work with your “trusted advisor” be it your accountant, attorney, or financial advisor to ensure that the option you choose is appropriate for your particular circumstances.

Large or small, your planned gift is your legacy to ensure that Greensboro United Church of Christ remains alive and vital, continuing to serve, enrich and provide for the spiritual needs of all. Your interest and support are appreciated.

Note: the preceding information is provided for general gift-giving information only. The Hale and Strong Society and Greensboro United Church of Christ are not engaged in rendering legal or tax advisory services. State laws govern wills, trusts, estates, and charitable gifts through a contractual agreement. For additional assistance, please consult an attorney, accountant, or other professional financial advisor.

  1. This quote is from the opening paragraph of Nancy Hill’s 2004 history of the church entitled: 200 years of Greensboro’s Church by the Lake, 1804-2004