Our multi-talented former office manager has accepted a job working for the City of Pittsfield, MA. Here’s how he described the work:

“It’s a new position. I work for the mayor’s office in the City of Pittsfield as the administrative coordinator for the ARPA program. ARPA is the American Relief Plan Act, a massive injection of federal money into communities to help them recover from the pandemic. The ARPA program lasts for five years. Two retiring city employees stayed on to administer it, and I’m their admin assistant. They don’t work here at city hall (they work from home, part-time) so I’m the main guy in the building for this program. Yesterday we awarded $6 million in community grants at a press conference held by the mayor.”

Sounds like good, meaningful work. We hope Jason will come back and play for and with us again soon!  

Jason on a recent visit – photo by Hal Gray