We welcome our new office manager, Jess Huyghebaert (pronounced Hew-gah-bart), shown here with her lovable Chara, named after a constellation of the ploughman’s hound. Chara is a farm dog who loves to chase crows out of the corn!

Enjoying Foggy Pacific Days

Jess is a Vermonter with a passion for farming. She grew up in Royalton and attended Bethany UCC in Randolph as a kid. Jess has farmed all over Vermont and Northern California, growing vegetables, picking peaches, hucking hay bales, wrangling pigs, goats, chickens and cows, living in tents, tiny homes, campers and even an old milk house! While farming in California, Jess met her sweetheart Paul and they moved back to Vermont last year. A natural organizer who believes in doing good, Jess was drawn to the position at our church because of our community focus and social justice orientation.  

When asked if she had a special knack for growing a particular vegetable, she said “sweet potatoes!”. Surely, we will include Jess – and her farming talents – in our activities going forward.

Stop by the church office and say hello to Jess on Tuesdays and Fridays from 8:30 – 1:30 or reach her by email greensborochurch@gmail.com or phone 802-533-2223.