What to do after so much Covid-related isolation?  Greensboro village pastor Ed Sunday-Winters and church moderator Judy Dales knew an answer was some community fellowship. So, Saturday afternoon February 13, thirty people gathered in a brisk and chilly wind around a campfire outside the Greensboro United Church of Christ to cook and eat s’mores (freshly roasted marshmallows that melt chocolate squares squashed between graham crackers).  Participants included the Underhill family of Chris Arnold (son of Greensboro residents Becky and Stew Arnold) which involved ten month old Brooke Arnold, and at the other extreme 88-year old Clive Gray, who has settled in Greensboro after traveling the world as an economist.  The s’mores tasted great but it was the fellowship that sparked the joy in getting together and socializing after so many months of isolation.

Family Fun at S’mores – photo by Hal Gray
Reverend Ed and a toasty fire – photo by Hal Gray