If you’ve ever been on a Zoom call with Janet Long, you’re likely to see Donald stealing the show. Although he and his brother Mokey were born on the same day, Donald seems to think he’s the alpha cat. He was given his name because he is orange and bad! It’s hard to imagine when you look at this sweet kitten pose.

Janet recalls: “These guys are litter mates and were born about July 2016.  I got them through Andrea, the vet in Hardwick. They hid on me for three days in the basement, which had absolutely nothing in it! They have totally different personalities.  They each have a bed on the couch near where I sleep and the three of us all seem to go to bed at the same time. They are indoor cats who love romaine lettuce and practically attack me when I make a salad.”

These animal companions are like so many others – amusing, mischievous, and totally loved.