With each issue of the newsletter, we feature a reader’s favorite pet. This one is from Donna Lee, about her dog Sophia.

“Sophia is now gone.  I miss her faithful companionship so much.  She was so much more than a pet to me.  She was my last daily connection to my husband Bob, who wanted to adopt her sooner than I did after the loss of our last beloved Golden.  I fell in love with her, who could not? She was so expressive, exuberant, and extravagant in her welcome of any and all people.  She actually smiled when people came to see her. She was very emotionally sensitive to me and got me through the loss of my husband, often licking away my tears.  She could not bear to see me cry.  I still hear the click clack of her nails on the wood floor.  I believe, like Bob, she is still with me, though I miss their physical presence terribly!”

Photo by Donna Lee