Renowned for her Monday morning “community donuts” handed out to grateful passers-by in Hardwick, Elizabeth Rossano has extended her heart and hands to us. A recent article in the Hardwick Gazette tells of her heartwarming story. Recently, she and her husband Griffin made over 120 donuts in our church kitchen and those warm (crusty on the outside and cake-like inside) delicacies were then given to those who drove by Fellowship Hall.

Admitting that frying donuts is a “happy place” for her, she has another body of work worth exploring. As a filmmaker documenting How Do We Human, Elizabeth takes the viewer up close and personal into the lives of people “trying to do life on earth the right way.”

Elizabeth has always been drawn to observing life in this “highly detailed world.” She recalls watching the film Microcosmos which led to her own pursuit of filmmaking. While her films depict the details of living and homesteading, she claims to be fascinated by the visual beauty of food. Her films depict food in ways that are stimulating and essentially intimate. Elizabeth recognizes that we live in a world focused on doing and acquiring things fast. Regaining the art of slowing down and observing life – in a branch, a tidal pool, or a mound of rising dough – inspires Elizabeth to create “little bits of joy” everywhere.

Asked what she hopes for in a post-pandemic world, Elizabeth believes that we have learned a great deal about the importance of human connection.  She’s amazed at the creativity shown by so many in their demonstrations of mutual aid and sharing. She calls out to all those who have been moved by this experience to keep it going.