Bronwyn at the “keyboard.”

Bronwyn has retired from her role as church secretary, and we pay tribute to her for more than her administrative skills, which were many: managing the office, publishing the worship bulletin and newsletter, keeping up with the comings and goings of the committees and of course, supporting the pastor! We thank her for her dedicated service and acknowledge her extensive career as a musician. Playing the piano, the harpsichord, the organ, or raising her voice in song – she’s in her element. We have reaped the benefits of her talents as a teacher, choir member, musician, and dedicated student of the musical arts.

Her daughter Patti Foster contributed some highlights of Bronwyn’s story.

  • Bronwyn was raised in Greensboro on the family farm located on the Country Club Rd., where she and her husband Conrad now reside. She has two daughters, four granddaughters and three great grandsons. In Greensboro, she sang, taught, and performed at many local churches, including ours.
  • She attended Greensboro schools and received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Vermont, where she was part of the Madrigal Choir and the Choral Union, under the direction of James Chapman.
  • Her participation in church music covers a lot of territory: in Waterbury Congregational and Methodist churches, Bennington Chorale Society, and Brattleboro Nan Nall music center. In Connecticut she was part of the Hartford Chorale and Blanche Bach Chorale. She also traveled with her mother (also a highly talented musician and formerly our church organist for 63 years) to the Welch Gymanfa Ganu, a Festival of Sacred Hymns, and made many memorable trips to the North American Festival of Wales.
  • Her daughters attribute the organ mirror as one of Bronwyn’s favorite tools of the trade. Not just for cues to begin or end playing, but both mother and grandmother used it to oversee their children in the pews!
  • Patti recalled many Christmas Eves with her mother and grandmother singing and playing the organ, and the excitement of watching her mother’s solo performance of O Holy Night produced in a recording studio.

Such a gifted and talented woman deserves a big applause – so we give her one right now.