A little over a month ago I thought about creating a local map and directory that would help stores and services in the village deal with the flow of folks seeking beer, cheese, lodging, performances and other delights and necessities. The idea was nothing original, just a way to guide visitors and create a sense of village fellowship. That idea never had a chance to come to fruition, and now we have a new type of Village Fellowship.

Big scary stories and little helpful hints float across our computer monitors, television screens and phone lines. We gather differently. We are becoming more reflective, grateful, and generous. We are also trying to stay alive.

While we may do less laundry and make fewer pot-luck meals, we still need to shop. And our local businesses need us to shop! Many of them have made it possible for those who are vulnerable to shop during special hours. Curbside pick-ups allow us to grab and go. Mike and Susan Coffey sent along this helpful list of who-is-doing-what among local retailers.

You can access it here and view it below: