Dishing it up!
The kitchen crew

On a cold February evening last weekend, a group gathered in Fellowship Hall to enjoy a delicious spaghetti dinner and enjoy a few hours of board games. As folks entered the hall they were greeted by the aroma of garlic bread and tomato sauce that had been simmering most of the day. The actual meal lived up to the aromas! The pasta was perfectly “al dente”, the sauce fresh and seasoned to perfection, the meatballs hearty enough for the most avid carnivore, and homemade cookies to top it all off. YUM!!

After dinner, we spread out to try our luck at old fashioned board games like Scrabble, Parcheesi, Yatzee and checkers. I confess that I had come to the event for the meal and to give myself a break from cooking. I don’t really like playing games. If I’m not winning, I feel bad. But If I AM winning, I feel bad for the other players! I also get very upset when the other players cheat, so playing games with my grandchildren and their friends can be a stressful experience!

I choose to play Scrabble and much to my surprise, it was really fun! Except that one of the other players beat me by about 7 points because he used all kinds of two-letter words that no normal person has ever hear of. Who knew you could spell “axe” without the “e”??????

By far the most popular game was Bananagrams. It’s a word game like Scrabble, but moves much faster. By the end of the evening there were 12 or so people playing this game and a great crowd of onlookers, cheering them on. Maybe next time we will just have a Bananagrams Night! If we do, make sure you join us, because you don’t want to miss out on another really fun night!!!