Why would a church rent a bus to transport people to a protest at the state capital? That is what we did one week ago on Saturday. Twenty or so of us from our church and surrounding community boarded a bus and headed to Montpelier for #MarchforourlivesVT. But why?

Certainly, each individual who made the trip with us had their own reasons for doing so. This post in no way presumes to speak for them. In fact, the more diverse the reasons and the motivations the better. The end result was a significant show of support for the young people who are so eloquently leading us to a new kind of conversation about school safety and gun violence. As the pastor of Greensboro United Church of Christ, I was glad to see so many folks eager to support these students, especially our Deacons. The bus was their idea.


Personally, it made all the sense in the world to me for a church to be a part of such a gathering. It made sense because of who I understand Jesus to be. In scripture, we always find Jesus standing with those who are marginalized and without access to power. I was there because I believe that it was the kind of gathering that Jesus would have attended. When he taught his disciples that feeding the hungry was feeding him and that giving water to the thirsty was giving water to him, he made it clear that in standing with those who stand alone we stand with him. In this holiest of weeks, to stand with these young people is to be as Christ to them. To watch and listen to their passion, creativity and commitment, is to recognize that Easter is not just a date on the calendar.

Resurrection happens! Christ is always coming to us. May we have eyes to see and ears to hear the many and varied voices that give witness to the hope of Easter. – Ed