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What is God Thinking? Isaiah 55:1-9

God looks at the puzzle of humanity, every piece and every person and God says these are my people. The ones who know me and ones who think they know me. The ones who love me and the ones who hate me. The straight ones and the Gay ones and the trans ones. The rich ones and the poor ones and all the ones in between. God thinks we are all Gods people. Gods way is to connect with all of us, know all of us, love all of us.
So the task before us in this Lenten season is to see what we can do to make our thought, our ways more like God’s thoughts and God’s ways. Until we see ourselves and each other and every human being as God sees us.

Temptation, Luke 4:1-13

We spend more on weapons and war than Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, India, France, Britain and Japan combined. Yet, we are keen for everyone to see our moto, In God we Trust, on all our money. Talk about using the Lord’s name in vain. If Jesus words are true, that our hearts will be where we put our treasure, then the gods we seem to trust the best are Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman and Raytheon.

Leaving and Following, Luke 5:1-11

We know that church is not a building. It is our lives shared together loving God and neighbor. Casting ourselves into a hurting world, we discover the richness of living a life that finds its rest in God. Whether we are part of an institution, a congregation or an individual follower of Christ, we are always being called to the realization that our being, our existence rests in God. No matter where our leaving and following may take us, God is there with us. No matter whether our leaving and following is our choice or the result something beyond our control, God is there with us. No matter what, God is there with us.


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